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Current industry challenges

According to a recent Forbes survey, healthcare has the least amount of active monitoring, with 81% of respondents reporting that less than half of their video surveillance is actively monitored. Besides ensuring the best care for their patients, healthcare facilities must be responsible for increasing the security to keep both patients are employees safe. These organizations are faced with challenges that range from active shooter attacks and workplace violence to unauthorized access and cybersecurity threats. With security costs rising, administrators care about optimizing their operational efficiency. In addition, theft and loss of medication and equipment continue to be a common problem.

The healthcare industry is looking for the security benefits of surveillance and analytics. Moreover, every hospital or medical provider strives to implement the best safety procedures and technologies while maintaining a welcoming and pleasant environment.

Integrated surveillance, analytics, and access control solutions help evacuate patients to safety during an emergency. Additionally, AI capabilities can be used to locate misplaced or stolen objects (machines, patient devices, medicine, vehicles, etc.) and keep track of high-risk patients or play a pivotal role in increasing facilities’ operational efficiency. Add audio analytics to the mix, and security administrators and their operators can help address cases of employee or visitor aggression, fire safety, and other emergency management risks.

Why Vaion

Vaion’s unique approach to video surveillance with embedded machine learning algorithms results in a safer environment for physical security, a better environment for patients during their medical stay, and more efficient operations for the hospital.

Video and audio<br />

Video and audio

Using artificial intelligence algorithms, the integrated audio and video analytics identify objects and events and sends instant notifications and alarms based on rules and unusual activity detection.

Anomaly detection<br />
			in real-time

Anomaly detection
in real-time

Our dynamic video wall with instant notifications draw attention to the relevant video feeds with potential risks. Know when a high-risk patient left his room unattended, who tried to get unauthorized access to pharmacy rooms or if visitors are wandering in prohibited areas.

Maps with<br />
Smart Presence

Maps with
Smart Presence

Add maps of your facilities to keep track of patients and visitors and their location. Maps include Smart Presence, a capability that allows you to track them as they move through your facilities.

Powerful<br />


Search by appearance, events, objects, similarity, or image throughout your entire deployment to get accurate results. For example, you can identify the person who misplaced or stole medical supplies within minutes by searching across all your cameras.

Highly-performant<br />


The 8MP vcam Dome and 12MP vcam Pano deliver exceptional image quality in a wide variety of environments and light conditions. Using privacy-proof, directional 4-microphone arrays which identifies sound patterns, the cameras are effective in cases of violence, attacks, or danger.

Reliability<br />
and support

and support

Vaion offers a lower total cost of ownership than competing systems through more effective deployments, simple installations, and smarter solutions. Get up to a 5-year warranty on hardware products, and access to the latest firmware and software upgrades instantly.

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