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Now more than ever, schools and universities are faced with increasing threats to their students, personnel, buildings, and grounds. Security managers must keep track of a variety of environments: outdoor and indoor areas, play grounds, sports fields, research laboratories, libraries, canteens, and more. With limited security budgets and a shortage of trained staff, educational institutions care about providing an open, nurturing environment, without compromising their students’ security and privacy.

A comprehensive solution for the educational sector has to be efficient on three levels: preventing incidents from happening, mitigating damage and communication as they are happening, and during post-incident investigations.

A typical security deployment includes video surveillance equipment, including IP cameras and a video management system, access control, and a performant IT infrastructure. K-12, colleges, and universities benefit from end-to-end solutions that integrate with third-party equipment easily, identify risks in real-time, while also being cost-conscientious.

Why Vaion

Why Vaion

Protect your students, staff, and grounds from violence, theft, vandalism, suspicious people, vehicles or objects, intrusion, active shooter attacks, fire emergencies, litigation or unauthorized access with Vaion.

Sharp images
			<br />in any environment

Sharp images
in any environment

Vaion vcam Dome performs exceptionally well either indoors or outdoors, and in any lighting conditions. Get the same image quality with vcam Pano, while also offering 360° coverage.

AI integrated audio and video analytics

AI integrated audio and video analytics

Both Vaion cameras are equipped with a privacy-proof, directional 4-microphone array that identifies sound patterns. The integrated audio and video analytics detect threats and send instant notifications.

Anomaly detection<br />
			in real-time

Anomaly detection
in real-time

Our dynamic video wall with instant notifications draw attention to the relevant video feeds with potential risks. Add perimeter maps to increase situational awareness, and track suspicious people and objects as they move within spaces.

Complete<br />


Vaion brings always-on protection from cybersecurity threats and unauthorized access with camera passwords set at initialization, factory-installed certificates, and always-on encryption for media transport and stored recordings. Video watermarking ensures no one can tamper with your records.

Powerful<br />


Search by appearance, events, objects, similarity, or image throughout your entire campus or school grounds to get accurate results in minutes. Your security operators will perform faster and effective forensics with our intuitive video management system.

Simple and flexible

Simple and flexible licensing

With a simple licensing model, Vaion always includes services and software upgrades. You will no longer have to worry about integration charges, operator charges, API fees, or the complexity between small, medium, large, and enterprise services.

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