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Current industry challenges

With a market-share of almost 25%, the commercial and industrial segments are expected to continue as primary adopters of video surveillance solutions. Historically used to secure office buildings, multi-tenant family residences, and parking structures, real-estate owners/operators are now looking for advanced capabilities to reduce risk and impact the bottom line. This includes monitoring lobby personnel, protecting data center closets & mechanical rooms, safeguarding customer activity, and delivering new insights into building energy efficiency.

Common themes in this sector include the requirement for advanced situational awareness with a limited number of operators. Commercial professionals need intelligent alerting to avoid threats from becoming incidents and fast forensics for simply building case-files and evidence trails without sophisticated network connections.

Given the industry’s and legacy vendors’ historical complexity, businesses focus on mitigating risks in real-time while keeping their properties, people, assets, and data safe at all times. Deploying a solution that delivers both real time, proactive security and operational insights to reduce facility costs is vital for the industry. An operator or administrator should require minimal training with credential-driven access to have an impact on the operating environment. At the same time, secure remote access of forensic files or streaming video should be easily accessible by management and/or first responders without complicated pre-configured IT administration.

Why Vaion

From insider and outsider threats, disgruntled employees, property damage and theft, unauthorized access, and active shooter threats to ensuring complete compliance, Vaion has you covered.

Video and audio<br />

Video and audio

Pervasive real-time analytics and machine learning capabilities give an enhanced understanding of your recordings.

Anomaly detection<br />
			in real-time

Anomaly detection
in real-time

Our dynamic video wall with instant notifications draw attention to the relevant video feeds with potential risks.

Maps with<br />
Smart Presence

Maps with
Smart Presence

Add maps of your business locations to increase situational awareness, and track people and objects as they move within spaces.

Powerful<br />


Search by appearance, events, objects, similarity, or image throughout your entire deployment to get accurate results in minutes.

Sharp images<br />
in any condition

Sharp images
in any condition

Vaion cameras deliver exceptional image quality in a wide variety of environments and light conditions.

Flexible deployment<br />
and hybrid cloud

Flexible deployment
and hybrid cloud

With combined on-premises and in the cloud storage, Vaion vserver and vcloud increase scalability, flexibility, and security.

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