One system to rule all your
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Achieve true<br />
proactive security

Achieve true
proactive security

A modern security approach means having AI on your side to prevent the inevitable information overload operators face today. Vaion vcore uses machine learning algorithms to detect anything unusual at any time. It understands perimeters and behaviors, identifies, classifies, and tracks people of interest, vehicles, or other objects to send alerts before threats escalate.

Run effective<br />

Run effective

Everyone knows that in all security investigations, time is of the essence. We transform the manually-intensive examination of massive surveillance footage into accurate and useful results within mere hours or minutes. Use the powerful appearance, event, similarity, or image search to narrow down and track people and objects of interest across sites.

Cyber-hardened<br />
out of the box

out of the box

Vaion vcore facilitates full compliance and security by default. With automatic updates of the camera firmware and the software from the cloud, encrypted video in transit and at rest, and factory-installed certificates, it’s never been easier to prevent cybersecurity threats. Gain transparency by logging all users’ actions in detailed activity logs and detect breaches instantly.

Modern hybrid cloud architecture

Modern hybrid cloud architecture

Deploy Vaion vcore on one of our highly-performant Vaion vserver appliances or use our hybrid cloud approach, by adding Vaion vcloud to the mix. The two allow for increased flexibility and remote access to live video feeds or recordings. Without network video recorders in the architecture, our solution removes the single point of failure traditional security systems carry.

Video view with Spotlight™

Powered by Spotlight™, Vaion vcore’s video view changes video streams dynamically to bring only the relevant feeds to the attention of the operator. Real-time alerts and notifications show up on the video wall to describe the incident, the time, and place it occurred.

Timeline with Smart Presence™

The rich playback timeline in Vaion vcore’s video view provides thumbnail-based browsing of video and highlights people, vehicles, and overall motion separately to help your operators gain a better understanding of different events captured by the camera. It enables a clearer, more intuitive picture of what’s relevant.

Map view with Smart Presence™

Vaion vcore allows operators to add maps of all your locations to gain more situational awareness and insights. Each map can be configured and includes camera views, alarm views, as well as the ability to track people and objects as they move on your premises.

Simple configuration

Vaion vcore makes it easy to add cameras and maintain simple, scalable management with group configuration policies. You also get access to detailed camera information, activity logs, and advanced video adjustments in a single pane with focused user experience and automation.

Smart Recording™

Smart Recording™ switches the resolution stream for all your camera recordings. It automatically records with maximum resolution when people and vehicles are present or interesting events occur, and changes to as low as 360p or no recording at all when the activity disappears to save storage space.

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