New in vcore 2.0: loud noise detection and easier user access management

Malcolm Walters, 15.04.2020 – Product 2 min

Malcolm Walters is a Product Manager at Vaion.

April brings a new vcore software release, and version 2.0 is all about loud noise detection from vcam security cameras, secure user access management, and permission options.

Since November 2019—when we announced the general availability of Vaion vcore, our video management system (VMS)—we have sought to update our product with features that would make security operators and administrators more proactive, accurate, and faster than ever before.

We have launched vehicle tracking, a tool that highlights them on maps in real-time. Next, we’ve integrated vcore with communication tools like Slack, Webex Teams, Google Hangouts (and more) via webhooks, so that information about unusual events and alarms is shared among operators and other team members instantly. We followed up with real-time and historical people and vehicle counting and directional audio detection & search of sound events. With our last release, we help improve collaboration and analysis with video bookmarks, as well as trigger notifications on counting areas using rules.

Detect unspecified loud noises and their direction from vcam cameras

Operators can now get immediate alerts on unidentified loud noises and identify the source of the sound. If necessary, security teams stop threatening actions before there’s damage made to properties, vehicles, or before someone gets hurt. Loud noise detection is based on the sound levels received by all microphones on the vcam device which allows it to determine the direction the sound came from.

Simplify user access management

We use roles and user groups to give access to vcore. As an administrator, you assign roles with a specific set of permissions, as well as access to footage and cameras. You can change the role and the permission for any given number of users or groups at any point.

In 2.0, you can lock and unlock user accounts and have new options for enforcing password changes using different methods. For example, force users to change passwords on the next sign-in or send user(s) a password reset link via email. This way, you ensure that whenever there is a change in the configuration of your team, you remove vulnerabilities and keep your system secure.

Learn more about how to set up loud noise rules, how to manage user and group access, or how to upgrade multiple vcam devices. Check out the vcore 2.0 release notes to find out what else is new.

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