End-to-end security solution

Leverage machine learning and video security to predict and
avoid threats instead of just documenting the damage

What if you could finish an investigation in minutes, instead of days, with better accuracy? What if you had a proactive video security solution that could prevent threats from escalating?

What if you could examine more video than humanly possible with Artificial Intelligence? What if you could combine the security and privacy of on-premises with the simplicity and reach of cloud?


  • AI video surveillance with integrated analytics and anomaly detection in real-time
  • People presence, smart map, tracking, notifications, and alarms
  • Search by similarity, events, objects, and images across your entire deployment


  • Secure by default with always-on encryption for recordings and media transport
  • Hardware designed from the ground up for best-in-class security
  • Detailed audit trails of all operator and admin actions


  • Focused and simple user interface
  • Effortless physical installation and configuration
  • Simple portfolio licensing model with a broad coverage of scenarios


  • Intelligent security system with hybrid cloud modern architecture for every deployment type
  • Value-added cloud services for software upgrades, remote access and more
  • Next-gen hybrid cloud architecture for increased resilience and scale

Covering a wide majority of security scenarios, vcam Dome and vcam Pano are fit for any deployment. With embedded privacy-proof audio analytics, you receive immediate sound alerts in case of abnormal activities. Get automatic firmware upgrades and advanced cybersecurity features.

Agile, scalable, secure, and easy to use, Vaion vcore is a video management system equipped with integrated machine learning capabilities that analyze all video feeds from all your cameras all the time and in real-time. vcore identifies objects and events and sends instant notifications and alarms based on rules and unusual activity detection.

Pre-loaded with certificates for always-on security, Vaion vserver is a tailored and tested appliance that ensures your deployment is easy to manage. What’s more, you get hardware acceleration for machine learning and video encoding and decoding.

Vaion introduces vcloud, a cloud-based implementation model built for reliable large-scale deployments, delivering unparalleled site survivability and redundancy with nodes and between nodes. Privacy first is our mantra, and you always retain control of your data with our hybrid cloud architecture.

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